1 picture is worth 1,000 words –
use the power of images in your product work!


Your trainer: 

Britta Ullrich

Britta Ullrich


It’s my goal to teach visual thinking to as many product people as possible, because they can develop an incredible power in our business world – with focus on the essentials and lightness!

Since 2012 I have been sharing my enthusiasm for visual thinking in interdisciplinary workshops and since 2018 I have been using the power of images in my coaching sessions. 

Now I am happy to pass on my valuable, easy to learn Vizworks Sketching System to you. It’s about breaking down complex topics, bringing them from your head to paper – not about painting or art. 

What do I bring? Over 12 years in a business and consulting context, with and without leadership, new work topics and various restructuring projects, where the pen was at my side. I am a graduate business psychologist, holistic coach and co-founder of Germany’s first community for visual thinking (vizthink.de).